Sadamitsu Sugimoto "Wabi Sabi" World 
I built a hole kiln “Anagama”in the mountains of
Shigaraki area taking old Shigaraki and
old Iga pieces as model.    
When I continued to make pottery 
I met great Zen master Daiki Tachibana 
who was respected as a great tea master of the Showa era. 
And then he gave me a great theme  
 “Return to Momoyama”,
it means to learn the pottery
in Momoyama period 500 years ago.   
Momoyama period is the days  
 when Japanese tea culture was blossoming gloriously.
After the tea ceremony had been introduced
 in 12th century, the tea ceremony goods 
had been imported from China, Korea and  
Indochina, however they had not been 
  becoming fitted to the new concept
as “wabi-cha”, and then the leaders of tea ceremony   
had begun to plan the distinctive tea-things in Japan .  
Some were found among farmers tools,
 for example Shigaraki ware.  
And then the great master Sen-no-Rikyu
 had produced famous “Raku chawan” 
ordered to a potter named Chojiro.
It was the first tea pottery made in Japan.  
Starting with Chojiro's Raku tea bowl
 under the guidance of Rikyu 
Iga, Bizen, Karatsu, Mino, etc.
 taught by successor Furuta Oribe. 
Furthermore, a great general artist
 who was called Hon'ami Koetsu appeared
in the early Edo period,
He created a unique world at the pottery,  
 lacquer ware , ink writing etc. 
Rikyu, Oribe, Koetsu. empathizing with their great art.  
I have been continuing to devote myself to it
 even after the death of the master Daiki. 
I am challenging to make the "wabi sabi" world of my own. 
On the other hand, the master Daiki said,
 "Now, terurn to Rikyu." 
He had been continuing to ring the alarm bell
 to the modern times. 
The spirit of "Wabi-Sabi" is required
 particularly in the confused modern times,
 I think deeply.  
I try to express the heart of "Wabi-Sabi"
 by not only pottery, so I am also challenging
the world of “Zen-picture” ink painting. 
And then I was given a Dharma name “Genkaku”
by the great Zen master Kobori Taigen,
 the president of Kenninji Temple in 2014. 
In the future, I will continue to work as
 "Genkaku Sadamitsu". 

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