Chawan with elegant pursuits 
 This is chawan with new concept I have been thinking along.
 Chawan with Raku style by Chojiro the first or Koetsu ,
 I think they are the best.
I have been expressing the world of Chojiro and Koetsu
 with making raku chawan.   
 Raku chawan is fired with charcoal at low temparatue,
 the clay is relatively fragile.
I have been thinking what if I made raku style chawan
 using another technique.   
And then, I have made several kinds of chawan to use strong clay
and to be fired at high temparatuer.   
At the first time, I made them using strong clay included iron
 and covered white mud  and celadon glaze.

I named these chawans as "chawan with elegant oursuits" by my playfuness.
 Chawan with elegant pursuits 
White Celadon Celadon