The great master Sadamitsu Sugimoto 
 Excellent pieces choiced by himself
I have been making pieces of Shigaraki ,Iga, Raku,Korai, Mino
for 50 years more havig the theme " Return to Momoyama"
And now, I feel that I could make pieces might compare
with old ones at last.
I would like to introduce excellent pieces among them. 
Kohuki Chawan
This piece is made by new technique
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White Raku Black Raku Red Raku
Purple Shino Oribe Shino Celadon
Ido Shino Shigaraki
Aka Raku Shino Aka Raku

Kohiki with Mirage Shigaraki
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Chawan with elegant pursuits
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The world of Zenga by Sugimoto
Zenga works by Sugimoto
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